25 Things About Me

1.  I’m from California.

I know the stereotypical California is like by the ocean.  For instance, everyone thinks of the O.C. when they think of California.  But I rarely saw the beach in my ten years there.  The ocean I saw was San Fransisco.  No warm beach, but only a cold, windy port.

2.  I’m cold-blooded.

It pretty much says it; I’m a reptile.  I need the sun or warm environment to maintain my body heat.

3.  If I my hands are warm, people think something is wrong with me.

Since most people know that I’m cold blooded, they know my hands are like ice cold usually.  But once in a while, they are warm.  That’s when people begin to think that I may be sick.

4.  I can get REALLY red one second and back white the next.

So, this basically is because I cannot control my breathing.  I talk, but then I don’t breathe when I talk.  This means that I can’t breath, so that’s why I get red.  And then when I stop talking, I get white again.  And same with when I laugh really hard.

5.  I’m extremely lazy.

There’s probably different stages of being lazy.  But I probably cam the laziest anyone can be.  Once I sit down and get comfortable, I will not get up.  Unless of course, I absolutely must.  But otherwise, I really hate having to get up.

6.  I am sleep addicted.

I probably can sleep anywhere that I can lie down, or just put my head down.  Even if I sleep the whole day before, I’m still tired and am able to sleep for another day.

7.  To sleep without interruption.

One of my wishes is to see how long I can sleep without any interruption.  No alarm clocks.  No parents waking you up.  No sister annoying you.  No random people yelling outside.  No outside influences bothering you.

8.  Coffee is my sleeping pill.

Not only coffee, but caffeine in general is my sleeping pill.  I tried to drink coffee and stay up studying for a test, but well, it didn’t work.  I fell asleep like 30minutes after drinking.  I still don’t know what keeps me up, which just sucks for me.

9.  Horror movies aren’t scary.

I really don’t understand people who scream during horror movies.  Of course it creeps me out sometimes.  But most of the time, I just think it’s stupid.  Especially the horror movies I saw recently, like Saw or this Korean movie about this crazy person killing people according to their ranking in school(고사).

10.  I actually find horror movies funny.

A couple years ago, I was watching The Seed of Chuckie with a couple friend and I was laughing through the whole movie.  While everyone else had a pillow covering their face or just not watching the movie.  But honestly, for some reason, I found it extremely funny.

11.  I am the greatest procrastinator.

Or, I WAS the greatest procrastinator.  Recently, it hasn’t been going as well as it did in the past.  I guess it didn’t matter that much if i procrastinated or not until last year.  This year, I’m guessing there’s just so much work to do that I can’t procrastinate anymore.  And yet, I continue to.

12.  Pessimism.

I really don’t know why, but I just don’t like thinking of the bright side of things.  It’s always easier to find the things that are bad than to find the things that are positive.  Sometime, I actually enjoy looking at the pessimistic side of things.

13.  Bird-phobia.

Birds seriously scare me to death.  They are just so gross, full of bacteria and you never know where they have been.  And they just look like they are gonna like peck you to death with their weird-looking beaks.  I just hate and am scared of everything about birds.

14.  I hate feathers.

Another reason I completely despise birds is because I hate feathers.  For some reason, I hated feathers so much since I was little that I hated even the fake ones during arts and crafts.  One thing I would never use in my little projects in kindergarten and preschool were the fake feathers.

15.  I love animals.

As you can see from finding horror movies hilarious, I might be considered weird or freaky to some people. And another thing, you MIGHT be able to tell is that I don’t feel sorry for humans.  But I really love animals.  I cry during every movie that animals die.  I cried so much during I Am Legend, because the doggie dies.

16.  I cannot tell stories.

You can ask anyone.  I start out all good, but the ending always sucks.  I don’t understand why I can’t say a good conclusion.  I think it well in my head, but whenever I try to end what I’m saying, it becomes all awkward.  So, my friends call it a “Sally moment” when it gets all awkward after someone tells a story.

17.  I have OCD.

Something I really wish I had, OCD.  Well, technically,  I do have OCD.  But it’s just of the randomest things.  If you ask anyone who has ever come in my room or seen my locker, they know how messy I am.  But I cannot stand it when people’s bags are open or are falling off.  And other really small things really bug me.

18.  I have ADD.

I cannot concentrate for a long time.  I can sit in one place for a long time, but I have to shift every like two seconds.  And I cannot do one thing for more than 10minutes.  So, I start 5 things; but in the end, I only finish half of what I should.

19.  Nervous breakdowns.

You can probably ask anyone.  Or even in the hallways, I might just burst out in laughter or something weird like that.  I tend to have a lot these days for some reason.  But during my mental breakdowns, I cannot stop laughing, so I laugh like a mental person literally.

20.  My head is a ball magnet.

I bet I have been hit by every kind of ball: basketball, baseball, football, tennis ball, soccer ball, just name any kind of ball.  Except, I haven’t been hit by a bowling ball yet.  But that would just be weird if I had been, because I don’t think normal people would throw a bowling ball that high.

21.  I’m accident-prone.

Something that had become my life, is falling, tripping, breaking and bumping into things.  It’s not that I’m weak or anything, it’s just that I guess I’m clumsy.  I always trip on the stairs while I go up.

22.  No stitches.

Even though I bump, fall, trip over everything, I have never gotten any stitches or never broken a bone either.  I really want to know what it feels like to wear a cast or have something sewed.

23.  Short-term memory loss.

I bet I have short-term memory loss.  I cannot remember anything.  I can’t even remember what I did yesterday.  And sometimes not even a couple hours before.  I think this has something to do with my nervous breakdowns.

24. My favorite music genre is hip-hop.

I may not look like it, but I love loud music.  If you have ever talked to me about music before, I am completely obsessed with this Korean hip-hop group called Epik High.  And not only hip-hop, but I love heavy metal too.  I think this is the reason I’m deaf.

25.  I’m so glad this is over.

This seriously took me a really long time.  And if you haven’t noticed, I wrote the most random things because I couldn’t think of anything better. 😀

4 thoughts on “25 Things About Me

  1. You cried during I Am Legend?
    I remember when we watched with some other people (I forget who..) only one of us didn’t cry. I thought it was you – who was it? Haha. Interesting post.

    10. You are one scary child.

  2. hahaha #16….
    I remember one story that you told me! The M&M pinata story…that was just creepy! muhahahha <– imitating your laugh 😀

    And yes, I am totally aware that you are afraid of pigeons. I’ve never met a person who is so scared of them, but that’s what makes Sally, well…Sally. <3 However, you love animals…but not pigeons…:)

    Haha Anyways, I’ll be looking forward to your future posts, Sallywally!

  3. I agree… I have to have at least 3 cups of coffee in order to stay up all night. LoL
    Horror movies = funny;;;;; wow Sally. I never knew that hahaha. Aren’t pigeons technically considered as animals? Hmmm… Well I thought they were. I hate pigeons so your not the only one who hates them muhahahhaha. Ps. I love your stories you tell us. Non of them have an interesting conclusion.

  4. Sally.. this is seriously so funny.
    I knew most of these stuff about you,
    but still I bet 5 of these are new to me.
    Like the OCD part..and the ADD..wait no I knew
    the ADD part ahahahaha.
    and I also have a short-term memory loss, so
    don’t worry 🙂

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