Short-term memory loss?

Everyone is excited about breaks.  I was too, before it started of course.  I planned to sleep in everyday and all that lazy break stuff.  But its officially over in like 17 hours.  And, I don’t know what I did.  I sat at my desk and started to blank out this afternoon.  Started to think what I need to do and what I did.  Sat there for like 30 minutes and got up to get something to eat.  Couldn’t find anything because I’m still in pain from getting my braces tightened.  So, came back empty-handed.  Sat at my desk again and “thought” again for like an hour this time.  I guess I just stared at the wall, because I didn’t think of anything.  It was a week long of doing nothing, I guess.  Not being able to think of at least one thing I need, would mean that I did nothing.  Right?Probably like my room, but not...:P

Yeah, then now as I’m writing this, I think I’m still blanking out.  This is not going to make any sense when I finish this.  And it is a complete pig sty next to me.  I just realized what I did over the break looking at the stack of clothes next to me and all over my room right now.  The papers in my room, I can’t say anything about it because it’s pretty much always there.  Which proves that I’m just a messy person in general no matter what.  But over the break, I tried to put together something for the essay portion of a AP Bio practice exam I have on Monday.  But that didn’t turn out so great, seeing that I have nothing written down on my outline except the title.  Isn’t that just great!

And…let’s see.  What else did I do?  Well, I don’t know.  I just can’t think of anything.  I guess I really do have short-term memory loss.  Which reminds me!  My dad was watching this documentary about the memory of people these days.  There was this one genius kid, who I personally don’t like because well, he’s a genius.  I’m jealous, probably.  Anyways, and there were these people who could not think of what they were doing.  I was reminded so much of myself when I was watching that.  Well, technically, they wouldn’t be short-term, but still.  Yeah, and the really irritating part was the documentary didn’t have any new conclusion.  I just thought my brain was abnormally small, and it got overloaded.  Well, they said the same thing; people these days probably just have an overload of information coming at them, which is why they can’t remember everything.

Well, I think I should actually go think of what I need to do.  And hopefully not get side-tracked again.

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One thought on “Short-term memory loss?

  1. hahaha the documentary didn’t have any conclusion… I was hoping for an innovative solution of somewhat to save our Alzheimer-esque memories +(

    don’t worry man I can assure you 100% that you are not the only one who wasted your break. why, there’s living proof writing this comment right now -sobsobsob- ahh spring break. well isn’t break a time for letting your brain fester and rot in its juices anyway?? yeah let’s tell ourselves that. 😀

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